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Dear Renegade Millionaire,

If you’re looking to explode the value of every single customer, client, or patient that you do business with, then this short message will cut through the fluff and give you the answers you’re looking for.

Because I want to share with you the exact SAME blueprint we use here at GKIC to triple and sometimes QUADRUPLE our customer value.

Hardly anyone out there teaches this. And this is the “bread and butter” of what I teach private clients who pay me $18,800 to spend the day with me…and invest $50,000 to $100,000 to have me write copy for them.

When you implement everything I teach you:

You’ll Be Able To Create Money Out Of “Thin Air”!

Now perhaps your “B.S. meter” perked up a little bit when I said that. But that’s what many of my Renegade Millionaires—who are just ordinary people like you and me…with ordinary skills, IQ and “talent”…do on a regular basis.

You see, it’s all about implementing a set of “profit multipliers’ most businesses are CLUELESS about---including your competition. And many of my students earn more in 6-12 months than most people have in their entire lifetimes based on what you’re about to discover in this letter.


One of these students is Ryan Deiss. Ryan rakes in 8 figures a year with his business Idea Incubator, and is able to annihilate most of his competition because of one BIG DARN secret:

Being Able To Triple His Customer Value!

You see, when you’re able to triple your average customer value, you’ll get several “unfair” advantages in your marketplace:

“Unfair” Advantage #1: You can outspend ALL of your competition! Most people just have 1 product or service and don’t know how to monetize every customer, patient, or client. So they have to be “cheap” when it comes to driving leads to their business.

When you triple your customer value, you can afford to outspend your competition and drive more leads to your business. That’s because hardly ANYONE is doing this…most businesses rely on selling just 1 product or service OVER and OVER again…and don’t have a system in place to properly monetize their customers.

Just imagine being able to hire the greatest SEO person, pay-per-click expert, and direct mail guru in the world. And imagine if price were no object when it comes to deciding where to advertise.

You can do this too…BUT you have to know how to skyrocket your average customer value—or you’ll be flushing your advertising dollars down the toilet!

OK Dan, I’m Sold! Please Send Me Secrets To Tripling Your Customer Value Now!

“Unfair” Advantage #2: You can have OTHER people promote you effortlessly! Endorsed promotion…where a marketer promotes your product to their customer list, is the BEST traffic you can get. Yet most businesses BOTCH it up by offering small commissions.

You see, most of the “big-hitter” marketers out there aren’t going to wake up for a measly 10-30% split on every sale if they promoted you.

But what if you can offer them 100% and even 200% commissions for your front-end product or service? You can do that EASILY and STILL make money if you triple your customer value…because you’ll KNOW you’ll make that money back!

In other words:

You’ll No Longer Have To Worry About Traffic!

Hardly ANYONE is doing this…which is why I invited Ryan to speak at my $2,000-per-head Info-SUMMITTM in 2011 to reveal:

Tripling Secrets Set

Secrets To Tripling Your Customer Value

With GKIC Expert Advisory Board Member Ryan Deiss

Secrets To Tripling Your Customer Value will show you how to take ANY existing product or service and add “profit multipliers” that allow you to get 3…4…even 5 times the money you earn from every customer, client, and patient who does business with you.

Just ONE of these tips could end up becoming a HUGE profit windfall for you. I always tell people that come to my seminars to NEVER leave with 32 pages of “notes”…but with 4-5 action steps they can implement right away. When you watch this entire 1 hour and 30-minute presentation…and read the accompanying transcript, you WILL come away with 1-2 “A-HA” moments you can implement into your business such as:

  • How to get affiliates to promote for you…so it’s absolutely a “no brainer” for them to send you traffic (Do this one thing, and you will NEVER have to worry about getting traffic to your site ever again!)
  • 6 elements you MUST have when creating your marketing plan for tripling your customer value. Like Bill Philips of “Body For Life” fame used to say when it comes to diet: ”If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!” And this is absolutely NO exception!
  • The 1 big DARN thing you can implement in your business that can add zeros to your bottom line (I came up with this concept years ago…yet a very small number of marketers actually implement this!)
  • The TESTED and PROVEN type of upsell you can offer your customers (Ryan has seen up to 30% conversions for this type of upsell…and we’ve seen similar numbers here at GKIC!)
  • How to exploit “exit traffic” that attempts to leave your site (You could easily capture 15-20% of your traffic in this manner, and have another 15% of this traffic to convert to a buying customer!)
  • The ULTIMATE downsell…and why this has been proven to work time and time again for Ryan’s business. (Best part: it only takes 10 minutes to set up in your shopping cart…no fuss, no muss!)
  • …And a whole LOT more!

WOW, That’s A Lot Of Stuff! Dan, I’m In! Place My Order Now!

I Want You To Take A “Time Out” Here…And Think About Your Current Average Customer Value:

Go ahead…take a break for a second. Think about it. Is it $50? $97? $297? $1000? $5000? Got that number in your head right now? Good. Now TRIPLE that number in your mind…and imagine what that extra income could do to your business?
Perhaps it could be to (finally) take a vacation. Hire more staff to take the burden off you so you can have more free time with your family. Or grow your business even FASTER…thus reaching a level of wealth, certainty, and sustainably that’s RARE for businesses in this economy.

I had Ryan present these tactics at the 2011 Info-SUMMIT…where 750 people paid $2000 to attend and hear today’s top players in marketing today.

But I’m not going to ask you to shell out $2000. I’m not even going to ask you to pay ½ of that…even though you’ll be able to make 10x – 100x back that investment when you “cut and paste” Ryan’s business model for tripling your customer value into your OWN business.

When you take action right now, you can take home “Secrets To Tripling Customer Value” for $397 $197. That’s it.

Ryan Deiss Is The Real Deal! Let Me In Right Now So I Can Implement These Secrets Myself!

If you’re remotely serious about improving profits in your business, then you should be chomping at the bit for this.

Money Back 365 Day Guarantee

Best Part: you’re backed up by my 365-day guarantee, so you cannot make a mistake here. If you’re not satisfied…or if you’re not making at least 3x your average customer value, then call the GKIC Concierge at 1-800-871-0147 within a FULL 365 days and we’ll refund every single penny of your money.

This is like getting the keys to Fort Knox! When you take action and implement Ryan Deiss’s PROVEN blueprint for tripling your customer value, it’ll just make life a whole LOT easier for you.

Yes Dan! I’m Ready To TRIPLE The Value Of Every Customer, Client, Or Patient And Discover Ryan Deiss’ Little-Known “Money-Grabbing” Secrets!

  • I don’t want to run a mediocre business where I’m constantly worrying, fretting, and questioning why I got into business in the first place…and INSTEAD I want to instantly earn 2-3x the money I’m earning right now and be on my way to becoming rich, relaxed, and happy!
  • I want to shortcut YEARS of trial, error, and testing I would otherwise have to undergo if I tried to implement these “income multipliers” myself—and I realize I could easily get my investment back 10x…100x…even 1000x…the moment I employ these secrets!
  • I want to learn from a guy who runs an 8-figure business and “walks the walk” when it comes to making money in MULTIPLE markets. And I know I can easily “cut and paste” these secrets into my OWN business!
  • And I know I’m backed up by your generous 365-day guarantee…so if I’m anyway NOT satisfied, I can get my money back. I realize I’m essentially trying out “Secrets For Tripling Your Customer Value” for FREE under this condition…so there’s no way I can make a mistake here!

So with that in mind, please immediately rush-ship my copy of Secrets To Tripling Your Customer Value so I can implement these proven income and wealth-boosting secrets in my business!

Secrets To Tripling Your Customer Value
--With Ryan Deiss--

Ryan Deiss Secrets to Tripling your Customer Value

Only $397


Dedicated To Multiply Your Income,

Dan S. Kennedy

P.P.S: I know what you might be thinking: “But Dan, My Business Is Different!”. That’s simply not true…and Ryan Deiss is a perfect example. He implements these steps in multiple niches…from a water purification business to running a hot-dog cart…even teaching people how to purify and drink their own urine!

So if these strategies work in the “drink your own urine” niche (the outdoor survival market), these strategies will work for YOU!

Count Me In Dan! Send Me Secrets Of Tripling Your Customer Value Now!